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udara: air, atmosphere, sky, air space, weather
manda: 1. bear to do, put up with. 2. storage place for rice.
litenan: see LETNAN.
kenasionalan: nationality, nationalism
rangkai: bunch (of certain fruits).
lah: 1. 1) particle urging action. 2) That is it ! Believe me ! (particle requesting belief). 3) particle of assent. 4) particle marking predicate. 5) trivializing particle (with question words). 2. see LH
omslag: /omslah, omslakh/ cover (of magazine).
puntiran: torsion
menimang-nimang: 1 (Lit.) test the balance of s.t. by shifting it in o.`s hand. 2 observe by holding in the hand. 3 consider an issue carefully.
stambom: 1 lineage. 2 pedigree (of animals).

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